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Come‚ travel this road‚ all people‚ with me‚
the highway of faith‚ for pilgrims are we;
with jubilant singing we journey along,
for God‚ who has called us‚ delights in our song.

We walk on this path the better to know
God’s love and God’s ways — and in them to grow.
To God and each other in covenant bound‚
full sharing of purpose among us is found.

Are you‚ my good friend‚ beginning to slack
Does failure of nerve suggest you turn back
If so‚ let me show you‚ each step of the road‚
compassion‚ with justice‚ to lighten your load.

Verse 4-6 follow

10 10.11 11.
Suggested tune: Old 104th (sometimes called Ravenscroft)
Words: Copyright‚ ©‚ 2004‚ Norman J Goreham
Used by permission - CCLI Song No 4446978


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