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I sing a song of the saints of God,

Patient and brave and true,

Who lived and loved and served and died

For the Lord whose love they knew;
And one was a doctor and one was a nurse

And one built the buildings and one kept the purse

And one sang the songs and down all the years

God helped them like me and you.

They loved their Lord whose love they heard

In Christ shone from crib to cross;

Through bread and wine they saw that love

And counted all things loss;

And one was a soldier and one was a priest

And one was great and one was least

In the eyes of the world, but God’s great feast

Was for them as me and you

They lived in their thousands down all the years

And they live in their thousands still;

The world isn’t worthy of those who live

By faith and serve Jesus’ will;

They are pupils and teachers and workers and see,

They travel in hope like the refugee;

With the promise of God in their heart they are free

To live, just like me and you.
Michael Docker

Grand Isle (BPW481)

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