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1 We join the crowd‚ who‚ on this day‚
sang praise to Christ along the way;
their theme renewed we gladly sing:
Hosanna to the Lord‚ our King!

2 Yet‚ when the homage has been paid
and all the acclamations fade‚
may we be found with Jesus still
beneath his cross on Calv’ry’s hill‚

3 keep watch with him through all his shame,
the taunts, the insults and the blame,
his lonely agony, his doubt,
his brokenness, his life poured out,

Verses 4-6 follow
L.M. Suggested tune: Tallis’ Canon

Copyright‚ ©‚ 2009‚ Norman J Goreham
Used by permission
CCLI Song No 4457620



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