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contributor: Jonathan Miller
Pumzi means "breath" or more accurately "breathing" in Swahili (I think) and this painting is one of three which I am painting for my Feminist theology module. The three paintings are of the Holy Trinity but I am trying to put a more feminist slant on it than you get in traditional paintings. Pumzi represents the Holy Spirit (breath, wisdom, water, creativity), Mee-lah (Hebrew for Word) represent Jesus showing characteristics that are both male and female (strength, mercy, tenderness, humility, beauty, ugliness) and finally Abba is the Father but I want people to understand that Abba is the name infants associate genderlessly on the indistict blurry parent figure and is one of the first easiest things for them to say (only the male dominated society has assumed the child is refering to the male parent first) so Abba is a smiling figure that is somewhat blurred (may look more male than female though)
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