Spring Year A is one of 12 books in the a teachers dozen series which equates to 144 assemblies over 4 years. This book of 12 assemblies for the Spring Term meets the requirements for Collective Worship and SEAL strategy for Primary Schools. Most of the series are now only available in digital format however as this was one of the last to be reprinted we still have copies.

Themes included: Going for Goals and Good to be Me, Epiphany, Lent and Easter

a teacher’s dozen books, and related resources, save you time and effort enabling you to provide entertaining and engaging assemblies. The stories and activities in these books can also be adapted for thought-provoking and fun RE lessons.

Each session is easy to use, tried and tested and written by practitioners. Full scripts and complete resource lists save you preparation time and effort. The major Christian festivals are covered in the same fun way, with each outline having a clear aim.

Each assembly follows the same structure so that the children quickly become familiar with the approach and can see the link between the assemblies as you work through the series. Any images or pictures used within the assemblies are included in the resources section at the back of the books. These are in black and white for easy photocopying.

To accompany this digital book:

Spring A Resource PowerPoint: This PowerPoint includes all the images in full colour and prayers from this book. To be used with projectors and Interactive Whiteboards. Available to order as a download. OR a teacher's dozen Resource PowerPoint Bundle - All 12 Resource PowerPoints for a reduced price.

The Roof - Applecartlive: Storytelling video part of the New School Shorts series - The Going for Goals assembly from Spring Year A entitled “There's a Hole in My Roof” uses the Bible story of Jesus healing the paralysed man. Why not let professional storytellers take on the story part of the assembly and sit back while you become absorbed in this Bible Story retold using everyday language and creative locations. Available to order as a download.

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