A collection of 30 prayers designed to be used immediately after well-known hymns

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This collection of prayers was born out of my experience of using the Lectionary, and trying to design the whole worship experience around the Lectionary themes for that week. I found that I was writing prayers that followed the opening hymn that drew upon Lectionary imagery and themes, but that since the readings had not been read yet, I was the only person present who had the faintest idea why or how these themes were relevant! The congregation struggled to place the prayers in any kind of context. I have treated the prayers as prayers to be spoken, and so I have allowed them to have a very grammar-relaxed style!  I realize that this will irritate some people – please feel free to add your own grammar as required!

This particular collection consists of a fairly random selection of hymns that are commonly used as opening hymns, and so the prayers are predominantly prayers of Praise & Thanksgiving with some also emphasizing confession.  These are the kinds of prayer that normally begin worship in my tradition. Differently-themed collections to follow: Christmas, Easter, Intercession…  perhaps funerals and weddings.

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