Applecart bring their inimitable style of contemporary storytelling to drag Gospel stories kicking and screaming into the minds of a modern audience.

This short 'Hermeneutube' series of videos is free and available for download. Please feel free to pass the film on to friends.

Applecart's Authority - Duration 09:51

Authority Study NotesApplecart have also designed an accompanying PDF document called 'Applecart's "Authority" Study Notes' as an aid for group and worship leaders. The pdf includes discussion starters around the Gospel story found in Matthew, Chapter 21 verses 23-27.

Other Video's in the Hermeneutube Series:
Donkey  02:49
Lost Sheep  03:59
The Collector  09:20

Applecart - overturning preconceptions and re-telling Gospel stories you thought you knew!

Songs from ApplecartAlso from Applecart 12 songs from - Songs from The Applecart Album as MP3 downloads
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