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Three Cheated Hearts
The wrong wife Genesis 29:15-28   The Image 3 Cheated Hearts could be used as a visual.
See also these images by Kate that can be used to illustrate this drama:-

3 Cheated Hearts 2   3 Cheated Hearts 3    3 Cheated Hearts Jacob    3 Cheated Hearts Leah    3 Cheated Hearts Rachel

You must have thought me a fool when you read that passage, go on admit it, I felt a fool too. Seven years I had limped through those fields, every heavy step told the story of fighting with the angel, fights I could not win seemed to be my style. Even my name was deceptive, and I too had been the great deceiver and received blessings that were not rightly mine, why should I not be on the receiving end of the deception this time.
You must have thought me worse than bad when you read that passage, seven years of swooning looks, of secret notes, and evening wanders with my sister, while I had barely a glance. The guilt lay heavy in my stomach as I dressed in bridal gowns. I knew full well of the deception, knew it would happen long before even my father gave me instruction. Knew from the moment the seven year deal was struck. The wine had flowed healthily that night, the bridal garments fumbled in my hands, I was so eager to be with Rachel, so eager in my headiness and stupor I barely remember what passed.

Their frame was similar back then, under the layers of costume I could not tell the difference. We had barely spoken all day, the festivities seemed designed to keep us apart. I sat most of the day, my mother encouraging me to move as little as possible. I walked heavily on a good day, today I could barely lift my feet at all. I spent the day in dread that someone may peak beneath the fabrics, see the plain and rough skin, they may hear the difference in voice, that the spell would be broken and I would need to carry the shame of being older and unmarried. The men feasted outside, I would wait until it was as dark as possible before being led to my husband.


© Kate Abbott : Jun 11

Notes for Reflection
This reflection is a general resource for the lectionary Proper week 12 year A or any other time of the year when you are for some reason using the reading. It is based on the passage in Genesis Chapter 29 where Jacob marries Rachel only to find that the bride he was brought was Leah, her older sister.
The dialogue is entirely fictional, though it is supposed to be believable and based on the clues left for us in the surrounding passages where possible. It can be used as a sketch type reading using two voice’s, or could be acted as a drama. It was written to be filmed.

It could be used as a debate starter. Giving each group only the words of one character and asking which one was most betrayed/ foolish / manipulated etc ... then revealing the other side of the story.  The text could be used as a starting point for discussing by trying to work out the story that Rachel would tell, how would the betrayal have played out for her? The text could also be used as a reflection for how we often misjudge characters, such as the character of Rachel.
Feel free to alter the text either by omission on addition so that it best suits your needs.
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