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A True Neighbour

The day had started really well. Ben had taken delivery of his brand new, sleek, state-of-the-art, four-hoof-drive donkey and led it to the big supermarket, Gateway of Jerusalem, where he tethered it in the donkey park. When he had finished his week’s shopping he loaded it all carefully on the donkey’s back, making sure the weight on each side was even and that everything was secured tightly. Then he set off for Jericho.
Soon he had left the city behind him and all he could see was sand and rocks. There were no trees and not even a blade of grass. It wasn’t a good place to travel alone because there was the danger of muggers in that lonely place. But Ben seemed to be the only traveller that day so he just kept walking and hoped it would be alright. As the sun rose higher in the sky the wind became more hot and dry. Ben had already promised himself that when he reached the next town he would buy an ice cream from his favourite stall: Walls of Jericho.
But just as he turned the next corner, he was suddenly surrounded by fierce muggers. One of them hit him and another grabbed the lead of his donkey. Others grabbed his bag, hat, cloak and water bottle and soon they had vanished as quickly as they had appeared. They left him helpless at the side of the road.


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