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Advent Liturgy 2015 - A journey!

Week 1

Advent is here. We look towards Christmas and we think of the journeys that were made that first Christmas.
A suitcase for a journey! A rather large one! What might it contain?
Let’s open it up and see what’s inside.
Another suitcase with a label,

“do not open until the 6th December”!

And there is also an Angel, and the Angel has a message:

“That first Christmas I brought messages from God that set people off on their journey to Jesus..

I told Mary she was going to have a special baby.
I told Joseph about the baby.
I told the Shepherds about the birth of the baby.
Maybe I told the stars to guide the Wise Men on their journey to find the baby.
I sang glorious messages of Good News, so that you can all go on a journey this Advent!”
We light the first red candle to remind us of the Angel.
and we hang the Angel under the candle.

We sing:

Singing the faith 187 verse 1, The Angel Gabriel

Continues… with remaining weeks of Advent and Christmas Day

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