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Advent assembly

Narr 1
    Good morning everybody and welcome to our worship this morning.
Narr 2    In year 4 we have been thinking about Advent.
Narr 1    Advent is a time of waiting, a countdown to welcoming Jesus into the world. But waiting is really hard to do!
Narr 2    Sometimes we have to wait for really boring things like waiting for a bus.

(children stand in a line, tapping their feet and looking at their watches/wrists)

Narr 1    Sometimes we have to wait for things that we’re dreading like waiting outside Mrs *****’s office when we have done something naughty.

Mrs *****    (to Child 1 hanging his head) How rude!
Narr 2
        Waiting is really hard if we are waiting for something exciting like waiting for our laptops to come!
Child 2
       Miss *****, are we getting our laptops today?
Miss *****   Not today, James, no.  I don’t know when we’ll be getting them.
Child 2       Are we getting our laptops this afternoon?
Miss *****   No, James, I don’t know when we’re getting them.  When I know, you’ll know.
Child 2      Will we get our laptops in the morning?
Miss *****  James, the ‘L’ word is banned!  I don’t want to hear it anymore!

Narr 1     But waiting can give us really good time to get ready.
Child 3    When my mum was expecting my baby sister we had to get lots of things ready for her arrival.

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