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Numbers Assembly – No Way Christmas (0)

Bible ref: Matthew 1 to 2:1-12
This assembly would usually be used at or close to Christmas...

NO WAY! said Mary when the angel told her she was going to have a baby. “I can’t be pregnant because I’m not married yet.” But when the angel explained to Mary that she had been chosen to have a very special baby – God’s son – she said “If that’s what God wants, then I will do it.”

NO WAY! said Joseph when he realised that Mary was expecting a baby. “I know the baby’s not mine. Why should I marry Mary now?” But God spoke to Joseph in a dream and told him that the baby was very special and that Joseph should go ahead and marry Mary. So he did.

NO WAY! said Mary when Joseph told her that they had to travel all the way to Bethlehem for a census. “It’s such a long way and the baby is nearly due.” “I’m sorry”, said Joseph, “but we don’t have any choice.” So off they went...

Created by Christian Assemblies Team for Schools, Wellingborough
Edited by twelvebaskets
This is one of the assemblies in a series based on the use of numbers in the Bible. To view others search for CATNB in the written section.

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