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Thirty Pieces of Silver (30)

Bible ref: Matthew 26:14-16 and Matthew 27:3

Excellent as one of the last assemblies before Easter, this can also be used at any time to demonstrate trust and betrayal.

The Bible includes thousands of stories; many of them include significant or special numbers. Today you will hear a story which includes the number 30.

We all have friends, don’t we? Put up your hand if you have a special friend, a best friend. (Ask a couple of the children to tell you who their best friend is.)

Have you always been best friends? (Ask the rest of the assembly) put up your hand if you have ever broken up with your best friend. It’s really sad isn’t it? There can be lots of reasons but sometimes, it’s because someone else gets between you...

Created by Christian Assemblies Team for Schools, Wellingborough
Edited by twelvebaskets
This is one of the assemblies in a series based on the use of numbers in the Bible. To view others search for CATNB in the written section.

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