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The Ten Commandments (10)

Bible ref: Exodus 20:1-17 and Exodus 32:7-8

One day a young boy asked his father to take him to the after school football game. When they arrived at the pitch they found it was just a field with no markings. The teacher had not yet arrived and so the father decided to divide the boys into two teams so that they could play while they waited for the teacher. They had no uniforms to show which side they were on. He had no whistle so just had to shout orders.

The father did not know a lot about football, and very soon there were appeals from the boys. .“Oi Mister, that was offside”. “He kicked me!” and the game became chaotic. The boys were getting really unhappy and started grumbling.

Just then the teacher arrived, and quickly blew the whistle, gave out coloured bands so that the boys could see who was on their team. He put markers on the pitch so they knew exactly where the goal posts and boundarys were, and then the boys continued to play football.

Which game of football do you think the children enjoyed the most? The game with rules or the game without? When we obey rules we find that things go smoothly whether in a game or at school...

Created by Christian Assemblies Team for Schools, Wellingborough
Edited by twelvebaskets
This is one of the assemblies in a series based on the use of numbers in the Bible. To view others search for CATNB in the written section.

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