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This journey through advent is a resource which focusses on the four themes of stop, look, listen and walk. Each week has a biblical passage for reflection and some activities based on the theme. These were written for the advent journey at Wesley Methodist Church, Chester. There is also an all-age companion resource following the same themes with activities followed by a ‘pause for thought.’

An advent journey
The Lord is the eternal God, creator of the earth. He never gets weary or tired; his wisdom cannot be measured.  The Lord gives strength to those who are weary. Even young people get tired, then stumble and fall. But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. (Isaiah 40:28-31)
• Find an activity that you do several times a day, like boiling the kettle, washing your hands, or making a phone call. Use this action as a prompt to stop and remember that we can build into our daily lives moments where we can receive God’s peace.
• There are times in our lives when we are given no choice but to stop, this week take time to pray for or spend time with those who through illness, loss or unemployment are in a place of waiting.
• If you are writing Christmas cards make time to stop as you seal the envelope and give thanks to God for that person or family, hold before God what they mean to you, what they have taught you, and how your relationship might grow and develop in the year to come.

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