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All-age story/monologue: Esther

Esther had just had the scariest day of her life.

Esther lived a long time ago and she was a queen and she was the king’s favourite. But Esther had a secret that the king didn’t know and that secret could have got her into a lot of trouble. Although Esther was very beautiful and the king was very happy with her, Esther had never told him that she was a Jew and that her family had been captured many years ago and brought into the king’s land, even though it wasn’t where they really belonged.
Esther also had an uncle and his name was Mordecai. One day Mordecai had overheard some men plotting to kill the king, so he told Esther about it and she told the king and the men were punished. But Mordecai was never thanked properly and the king forgot all about him.
Mordecai had an enemy, a man called Haman and he hated Mordecai and all the other Jews living in that land. So he lied to the king and told him that the Jews were disobedient and he asked if he could round them all up and kill them. The killing was to take place towards the end of the year.


©Marjorie Dobson


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