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Parable of the Two Builders in performance poem mode. Requires Christ and Chorus, but these may be same person with different hats!

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Anyone who listens to my words and acts on them?

Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus,
Showing the way;
Showing the way in the words that you say,
Showing the way in the love that you dare,
Showing the way in the Person you are.

Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus,
What's that you say?
What's that you say of the truth and the way?
What's that you say about fullness of life?
What's that you say about foolish and wise?

Good people, good people,
Come, lend me your ears;
Come, lend me your ears; come, listen and hear.
Come, lend me your ears; then you must decide.
Come, lend me your ears: don't be foolish, be wise!

House-builder, house-builder,
Building a home;
Building a home out of weatherproof stone,
Building a home on foundation of rock,
Building a home that could stand any shock.

Quick-fixer, quick-fixer,
Raising a shack;
Raising a shack that's all flimsy and slack,
Raising a shack on a soft bed of sand,
Raising a shack, but how long will it stand?

Storm-bringer, storm-bringer,
Howling a gale;
Howling a gale striking lightning and hail,
Howling a gale beating thunder and rain,
Howling a gale lashing mountain and plain.

Continues ...

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