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As slow as the seed in the ground,
As sure as the earth turns to spring
As steady as rock and as sound
As the rhythms that lead us to sing
Is the work of God’s Spirit in me;
Is the way of the Saviour in you;
Is the word of a Kingdom that’s free;
Sing it loud, pure and clear, sing it true.

As good as the leaven in bread,
As warm as the rising of flour,
As fine as the woman who hid
In the bread, like a secret, the power
Of God’s Spirit in you and in me,
Of the Kingdom that banishes fear;
Things long hidden we’re starting to see;
Sing them loud, true and free, sing them clear.

As slow as the seed and as good,
As warm as the earth and as sure,
As steady as rock and as bread,
As the rhythms of song and as pure.
Sing of God in our lives, you and me,
Sing the Saviour, the Spirit, the song,
Sing the Kingdom in which we are free
Sing it clear, good and sure, loud and long.

Michael Docker

Tune: Trewen 88 88 D Anapaestic (BPW325

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