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Prayers of assurance in times of sickness, spiritual weariness or a searching for wholeness.
A reminder that God loves us through the good times and bad, and is the source of our strength when we are weary and struggling.

Come to me all you who are weary  
I enter this day with joy
knowing you are with me
every step of the way,
knowing there is a purpose
to each breath that I take,
knowing there is a hope
toward which I walk.

I enter this day with faith
knowing you are the strength
which I depend on,
knowing you are the love
that is all embracing,
knowing it is your peace
which calms my soul.

I enter this day with praise
knowing that I worship
with service as with voice,
hoping that my words
might reveal your truth,
hoping that your grace
might touch another heart.

PDF contains four more prayers
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