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Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Thank you, Lord for Mary.  
Thank you for her willingness to do what you asked of her, for the care she took of Jesus while he was a baby and as he grew up.
Mary showed great faith in you, trusting you although the way ahead was hard.
Remembering her faith we pray for Christians living in places where following you is difficult and dangerous.
We pray that like Mary they will be filled with your joy and peace and know that they can always trust your promises.
Thank you, Lord, for Joseph.  
Thank you that he protected Mary and Jesus when Herod was trying to kill the baby.
He was willing to leave his home and his work to take them to a safe place in Egypt.
We remember how Joseph looked after Mary and Jesus and we pray for people who care for others:
for health professionals and social workers;
for those who work to bring aid to people suffering the effects of wars and natural disasters;
for those people who give care and support to friends and neighbours.


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