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Drama/monologue: Celebration Dance

Have you heard the latest? It’s a proper scandal. It is! Do you know what was going on outside – on the street – in full view of everybody – and claiming to be a celebration of the church? Go on. Have a guess!

No, it wasn’t a boozing party – although, come to think of it, that’s how it all could have ended. And, no, it wasn’t a disco, or a street party – it was much more scandalous than that!

Oh, go on. You’ll never guess in a month of Sundays. They were actually dancing in the street. And it wasn’t just the kids jumping up and down – that would have been OK. No. It was the church officials – all of them – including that good-looking leader of theirs – the one they’re always talking about as if he was a hero, or something.

I think it’s disgraceful. I mean, you need a bit of dignity when you’re a church leader. You shouldn’t be seen prancing around the streets like an idiot – jumping up and down and waving your hands around in the air and singing at the top of your voice. And there were tambourines and drums and all kinds of noisy music was being played and everybody was joining in the singing. There was a right old racket going on, I can tell you.


©Marjorie Dobson

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