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Drama/Monologue: Why am I here?

Ooh! Hey! Look at that!
Isn’t it amazing?
I never thought I’d ever get into a place like this. Not me.
I mean, I’ve been in places like this before, but only through the back door and only when no one important was around. When you work the way I have – all my life – you don’t get invited in through the front entrance.
Well, I’ve been a cleaner all my life. Never done anything else. I wasn’t clever at school, see, and where I was brought up nobody expected to make anything of themselves. We were at the bootom of the heap and didn’t we know it.
But my family were always hard workers. We weren’t lazy, or anything. But you only had to mention where you lived and no employer ever thought of giving you a worthwhile job. So, a cleaner I had to be and a cleaner I stayed all my life.


©Marjorie Dobson

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