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Monologue/drama: Elisha – the day after …
Did I really see that chariot of fire, or have I been dreaming?
Was it a whirlwind, or just an ordinary desert storm?
Was it all just a mirage and the sand blowing in my eyes made me think there were horses?
And maybe the chariot just went off up a hill and not up into the clouds as I imagined?

After all, I was grief-stricken at the thought of losing my leader and my friend.
Elijah was such a great man: such a hero.

Think of all the things he did in his lifetime – standing up to Jezebel; taking on the prophets of Baal in open contest; almost starving in the wilderness with that old woman and her son – how did he do those things, and so many more, and yet stay faithful to God even on the darkest days?


©Marjorie Dobson



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