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Reflection/monologue: God and Nineveh

God must have loved Nineveh.

Look how much trouble he took to save it.

The right man had to be sent, but what happened when God told him to get on with it? Jonah said, ‘No fear! I’m not going near the place. I’m off in the other direction as fast as my legs can carry me. Let somebody else do it.’

But God can be very persistent – and has ways of getting round an obstacle like that.
So when Jonah got on that boat to make good his escape, he suddenly found himself in the middle of the most terrific storm that had rocked that sea in living memory. It certainly scared the sailors and they’d had to face all kinds of bad weather before.

At least Jonah had the sense to recognise that he might be the cause of it all and did the decent thing. He was prepared to sacrifice himself in order to save the ship, even though the sailors were very reluctant to let that happen.

But in the end they gave in and threw Jonah overboard.


©Marjorie Dobson

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