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Monologue/Drama:No more sacrifices!

No more sacrifices!
No more burnt offerings!
What’s he trying to do? Put me out of business?
Who does he think he is?
This is my way of life. I’ve been selling pure young lambs and birds for years now. Reasonable prices – although I’ll get a bit more out of some folk if they look rich enough and I’ve got to cover my overheads. But if I wasn’t doing this, what else would I do?
It’s an honest trade – sort of – and most of my animals are perfectly acceptable. And it helps that I have a good pitch just inside the Temple court, so I catch the eye of people when they first come in.
Everyone knows that sacrifices are essential when you visit the Temple. They’re an offering to God – and the priests are quite happy about that – the smell of roasting meat is very pleasant and most of it tastes good too.


©Marjorie Dobson

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