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A Defence of the Hope
Acts 24.10-21

I am still fascinated by kaleidoscopes. I love watching the shapes as they move around and form themselves into different patterns. They were quite basic when I was a boy, and now that I’m grown up and not supposed to like toys any more I often look, in sneaking admiration, at the sophisticated ones you can get today.

Now kaleidoscopes make abstract patterns. I suppose you can get some now that will form themselves into recognizable objects – anything, it seems, is possible in these high-tech days. But supposing you had an ordinary kaleidoscope, with lots of brightly coloured abstract shapes going round and round; and supposing, as you went on turning it, suddenly the whole thing turned into a shape – a figure – a human form! You might find that alarming. It would certainly be a moment to savour...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 2 by Tom Wright

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