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The Blind Man’s Parents
John 9.13-23
John for Everyone

The street lights weren’t working properly that night as my friend walked home late from work. As he took the short cut through the alleyway towards his own street, it was almost pitch dark. He knew the path well enough and wasn’t worried about it.

But a moment later he paused. He’d heard a small noise in the darkness just ahead of him. He waited and listened; but, hearing nothing more, he guessed he’d been mistaken and started to walk on. At once he heard the noise again. Again he stopped, and felt a small shiver of fear. What was it? Who was it?

He decided to put on a brave face. ‘Who’s that?’ he asked, hoping his voice didn’t sound either too fearful or too threatening...

Taken from John for Everyone – by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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