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Drama/Monologue: A cloud of witnesses
Reading: Hebrews 11: 29 – 12:2
(Followed by the speaker chatting to the visible, or unseen, person who has just read the lesson and responding to unheard answers.)

A cloud of witnesses?
What’s all that about then?
Surely you don’t still think that heaven is up there on a cloud, do you?
Come on! Where’s your common sense? I can’t see rows and rows of little legs dangling up above me. Can you?
If you think you can, you’re crazier than I thought you were.
And why would they be watching me, anyway?
What possible interest could my life be to them – presuming they were ever there, of course?
No. the only thing I know and believe about clouds is that they’re either white and fluffy in a blue sky on a fine day, or black and gloomy and raining all over me when it’s miserable weather.


©Marjorie Dobson


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