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The story of the resurrection from Matthew 28 as told by a Soldier, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea and a disciple.
Easter morning voices
The soldier:
Do you know, the only thing we were really worried about was ourselves.
I’m ashamed when I look back. The governor, that Pilate, was a wreck – he’d made the
wrong decision and he knew it. And he was terrified of the Jewish leaders, which was ironic
given he was the one who was supposed to be in charge.
So he told us to keep watch over the tomb and we did; but when the earthquake hit nobody
wanted to be near a cave that had only just been cut out of the rock, we would have run for it
but we were too terrified to move. The ground was suddenly like jelly, shaking under our feet.
But it wasn’t just an earthquake –there  was an angel of God, terrifying, whiter than white,
dazzling to the eyes, and he pushed the stone aside and then sat on it.
Then when we eventually returned and the tomb was wide open and the body definitely gone
we were very frightened – you see it meant losing our jobs or a beating or worse – a
dereliction of duty you see – so some of us thought our safest option was to come clean, tell
the governor, and when we told him we realised he was more terrified than we were that it
would all be found out; so they paid us to spread rumours and lies and that’s what we did.

Continue... Followed by stories from Mary, Joseph of Arimathea and the disciple.

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