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To understand the importance of building people up rather than following the crowd and laughing at them.

This assembly uses a clip from one of the auditions for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show: choose one in which the hopeful contestant is humiliated by the judges and the crowd. Try Paul Potts’ audition ( or Susan
Boyle’s audition, ( which really emphasises the aim of this assembly. You will also need a recording of Florence Foster Jenkins (see, e.g.,

If you ever need cheering up, what better place to go than the auditions for one of the talent shows such as The X Factor, real car crash TV, this, and there are some superb moments. A few years ago, on Britain’s Got Talent, someone brought along a box full of performing ferrets, which escaped and ran all over the stage. But then there was this: (and watch the faces of the judges very carefully and there comments after the performance, especially Amanda Holden’s following Susan’s performance.)

Video – Paul Potts’ audition or Susan Boyle’s

Of course, what we are all waiting for is the failures, isn’t it? We are watching out for the people who have the nerve to walk out there and make a complete twerp of themselves in front of 5 million people.

So how do you treat the embarrassing people? How do you treat the people you think of as fools? How good are you at building people up and affirming people’s strengths? Think, maybe, about what you would prefer to happen to you when it’s your turn to stand up in front of the judges and behave like a twerp...

Continues and concludes with a Bible reading - Matthew 5:21-22 - Some questions and a short prayer.

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