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To challenge students to look at life and other people with fresh eyes, and to look for the opportunities in the everyday.

This assembly uses a You-Tube video (, and you may like to find images to illustrate other points in the assembly, though this is by no means necessary. You will also need a pad of Post-It Notes for the opening.

Post-It Notes are brilliant, aren’t they? Hundreds of uses: blinds for glasses (demonstrate if you wear glasses, or get someone else to demonstrate); a portable, fluorescent beard (demonstrate), for the times when you’re caught in one of those ‘I wish I could grow a bright yellow beard right now’ scenarios; and so on. You can, of course, write stuff on them, but it’s much more fun to do this sort of thing:

Video – Extreme Sticky Notes Experiment

The story of the Post-It Note is an interesting one, I think. It started with failure. In 1974, a research scientist called Stephen Silver was working at the 3M laboratories in America, trying to produce a super-strong glue. However, instead of cooking up a glue that stuck things permanently and strongly, Stephen Silver produced a glue that did exactly the opposite – it didn’t stick permanently, and it wasn’t strong at all...


Concludes with a Bible Reading – Matthew 10:29-31 - followed by some questions to ask the children and a short prayer.

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