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Secondary Schools Assemblies Resource Book
By Stuart Kerner

Suitable for Key Stage Three

To reflect on the detrimental effects of too much television.

Preparation and materials
• Transfer the ‘Interesting facts about TV’ on to an OHP transparency or a PowerPoint display.
• You might like to challenge some interested students to put the case for TV.

1. Pose the following question: If you came home and found a strange man teaching your younger brothers or sisters to punch each other and to swear, or trying to sell them all kinds of stuff that they didn’t need or was harmful to them, what would you do? (Take suggestions.) The chances are you would probably ask them to leave, or even throw them out.
2. Have you ever thought that this is exactly what television does? Yet in many houses it is often on from morning until night.
3. Today, watching television often means fighting, violence and foul language – and that’s just deciding who gets to hold the remote control!
4. People who run television companies say that images of violence on TV do not have any lasting influence on the minds of viewers, but have you considered that the same people are perfectly willing to sell advertising time in order to do just that?
5. Ask: How many hours each day do you think people spend watching the television. After some contributions, display the following ‘Interesting Facts about TV’...

Taken from Secondary Schools Assemblies Resources Book edited by Stuart Kerner

Published by SPCK
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