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Secondary Schools Assemblies Resource Book

By Stuart Kerner

Suitable for Whole School

To consider the need for rules.

Preparation and materials
• An OHP transparency with your school rules.
• An OHP transparency with strange and stupid laws on it. You can find plenty of these at the following websites:

1. Begin by asking for a volunteer to tell you the school rules. When they have told you, show them on the OHP. Ask if anyone can explain the purpose of these rules. You should hopefully receive answers like ‘to keep everyone safe’, ‘to maintain the reputation of the school’ and ‘to protect people and property’.
2. Ask what the effect of changing the rules might be. For instance, what if the Headteacher decided to make it a rule to wear only one sock on Thursdays, or that those students under five feet tall should be banned from playing football. The chances are people would disobey them...

Taken from Secondary Schools Assemblies Resources Book edited by Stuart Kerner

Published by SPCK
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