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A meditative piece for Maundy Thursday. It was originally used within the context of a Communion service.
We began the evening with a footwashing (also available on Seed Resources), but could be used with any reflective service, combined with Bible readings, visuals, music, etc.
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Something just didn’t seem right. Maybe it was the damp chill in the air as we walked through the garden. It had already been a strange evening, with the talk of betrayal, denial and death as we shared supper. But what did it all mean?
One of us had slipped away, unnoticed. It wasn’t until we set off that I realised he wasn’t there, where had he gone? Another one of his money making schemes perhaps? Then, towards the end of supper the giving of bread and wine. Talk of His body being broken and His blood being shed. I was worried; I had never seen Him like this; agitated, almost frightened. It was unnerving, I shivered, not convinced that it was just the cold of the night.


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