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God has come…… Pentecost re-told for a Primary School assembly

Narrator, Peter, and at least 5 disciples (children can be drawn in to help in this assembly)
Ribbons or flags can be used to represent flames

Narrator: Jesus friends were waiting and praying, it seemed like they'd been waiting and praying for a long time; they were waiting because Jesus had told them to wait, and they were praying because Jesus had told them to pray.
They met together everyday, they shared meals, told stories; remembering the wonderful things that Jesus had said and done, and they waited and they prayed.
Over the last week Jerusalem had been filling up with people from all over the world, people wearing exotic clothes and speaking in different languages, they had come to celebrate harvest, to thank God for his wonderful gifts. Still Jesus friends met together, they met and they waited, and they prayed.
One morning as they met together, telling stories singing songs, waiting and praying, wondering together when God would come in the way that Jesus had talked about ,they felt it, it seemed as if the air had changed, there was an excitement in it, something was different. They waited, and then they heard the wind, rushing and swirling and roaring.
They looked around, surprised. 

Disciple one: "Look" called one of Jesus friends  "You've got fire hovering over your head, but you're not being burned!"
Disciple two "So have you!" cried another


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