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Zak and Mac meet up a year after Pentecost and discuss the events of the previous year

Acts Ch. 2 vs. 1-21

Here we are again.

Zak: So mate, where did you say you were from again?

Mac: Pamphylia mate.

Zak: Oh…yeah. I hear it’s really nice there. Very…sunny.

Mac: If you like that kind of thing I s’pose. And you said you were from?

Zak: Cappadocia mate.

Mac: Cappadocia…of course. But then, wait a minute…there’s something weird going on


Zak: You mean how come we’re both speaking English?

Mac: Absolutely.

Zak: Well I can only surmise that for the purposes of dramatic license in this sketch it will

help the whole thing to move along if people can understand what we’re saying.

Mac: Oh yeah…I s’pose so. ‘Cos normally I wouldn’t be able to understand a word that

you were saying.

Zac: Don’t get me started mate…gibberish. That’s all I’d normally be hearing out of your


Mac: In fact about now I’d be speaking more slowly and more loudly than is strictly

necessary in a mistaken belief that somehow that would aid the process of communication.

Zac: That’s weird…same here.

Mac: Bit different from that day last year.

Zac: Were you here in Jerusalem last year?

Mac: I cannot deny it.

Zac: Well, what a small world…I was here to.


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