MOSES AND THE BURNING BUSH (Exodus 3:1 – 4:17)

by Mike Truman

Unseen “Voice of God”
Children with yellow and red streamers to act as flames

A “bush”(either painted or made from real branches)
Smartphone and earbuds
A walking staff
A rubber snake (initially hidden behind the bush)

Enter Moses, carrying staff and listening through earbuds to smartphone, singing along to a recent hit.

GOD Moses, I am the Lord your God and I command you to return to… Moses? Moses are you listening? Oh, the amateurs I have to work with… Bush, burn with a mighty fire!

Children enter acting as ‘flames, and sit down around the bush, still waving their streamers

MOSES Oh, wow, a bonfire! (takes his earbuds out) I wonder when the fireworks start!? (walks towards the bush)

GOD Moses! Moses!

MOSES (startled, then suspicious) Aaron is that you playing a trick on me? Are you hiding behind that bonfire? Because if Jethro finds out that you’ve been setting fire to his shrubbery, you’re going to be in real trouble.

GOD Come no closer! Remove your footwear before you approach the sacred ground.

MOSES Sorry, what?

GOD Lose the shoes, Mo…


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