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A lighthearted sketch for four actors based on the story of Zaccaeus the Tax Collector. A spoof of Celebrity Come Dine With Me. Especially suitable for all age worship.

Zacchaeus: Come Dine With Me
Luke 19:1-10
A table is set centre stage with four chairs.
Narrator: Welcome to this series of Celebrity Come Dine With Me. There are huge crowds gathering outside the house of our first contestant Pete the Priest, but we don’t think it’s you they’re cheering for, I’m afraid, Pete. They are waiting for the arrival of star guest Jesus Christ. Hope you’re ready to impress him, Pete.
Pete: I think all the guests will be pleased with what I have created. I’ve got the candles lit, the incense is burning, I’ve tried to create an atmosphere really. I think Jesus in particular will appreciate it. Us holy guys gotta stick together, you know. So yeah, I’m hoping for a ten out of ten from Jesus.
Narrator: No time to sit and smell the incense now Pete, you’re first guest has arrived. It’s Phil the Pharisee.
Phil enters and hands Pete a bottle of wine. They shake hands.
Pete: Thank you for coming.
Phil: Ah, the pleasure’s mine. (splutters) You’ve got the incense burning strong there!


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