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A two person drama (M or F) based on Acts 10. A Roman and a Jewish Christian talk as they prepare a meal for Peter and company to share with new convert Cornelius. The old barriers to sharing food have gone as a fresh wind blows.

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Based on Acts 10 – Peterʼs vision and the conversion of Cornelius.
2 characters – can be male or female:  A is a servant of Cornelius,  B a servant among the party from Joppa.
Set in Corneliusʼ kitchen as they prepare food for household swollen by extra guests –
any food preparation actions will do, to add interest through movement.
A Thankyou for offering to help – to be honest I wasnʼt sure what your party
would eat.  We wouldnʼt normally – well they wouldnʼt accept – it would
cause embarrassment all round.  Of course Cornelius is known as a
generous host among his fellow Romans, but weʼve no experience of
entertaining [searches for polite term] local residents.  
B [with good humour] And even the posh ones – especially the posh ones –
would take offence at being asked.  You may be the occupying power –
but we are the chosen people.  Our food laws were given to Moses by
God himself.  So… I donʼt know what Iʼm doing in a Roman centurionʼs
kitchen in Caesarea chopping herbs – but then I quite often donʼt know
what Iʼm doing nowadays.   
A Well I must say, your chap – Peter – does have a reputation of being a bit crazy.   
B Crazy – no – steady as a rock, old Peter.  Thatʼs why, when he does
something fresh, unexpected – we feel confident to follow.  What I meant
was that life isnʼt boring and predictable like it used to be. Itʼs like when a
fresh breeze blows in and takes away the old sour smells, and you feel
anything is possible.
A [keeping distance] I can see that would appeal if you live near a fish
market.  Am I right that Peter had been a fisherman?  
B Yes, he was – on Lake Galilee – thatʼs where he met Jesus.  But now he
spends his time telling others about how Jesus rose from the dead – after
your lot and ours conspired to crucify him.
A I remember Cornelius talking about that execution – his unit wasnʼt
involved, but he heard the stories.  He has a lot of respect for your
Jewish faith – was shocked it could have happened.  But thatʼs not why he called Peter – Iʼm not sure he even made the connection.

Continues .....

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