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Parallel reflections by Peter, after Paul has challenged him about expectations of Gentile converts, and an 18th century bishop, challenged that his Mission Society makes money from slavery. Hearing each other, they realise that God may indeed overturn the established order.

Characters: 2M  - Lectionary link Galatians 2v11-15. The anti-slavery story may need some introduction.

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Note on production:
The characters stand separately, initially in soliloquy, but becoming aware of
each other and almost having a conversation, although through a time barrier.
Both start angry and sure of themselves, but become more aware of the
inconsistency of their position as they hear the otherʼs reflection of it.  The last
statement is very doubtful.
Peter: Am I angry?  Well, yes – and I have every right to be.  How dare he speak to me like that? – and in front of others.
Bishop: Am I angry? Certainly I am annoyed and insulted.  It was open defiance of my authority, and in a public meeting.
Peter:  This is a man that I had shown favour to – given him introductions – encouraged others not to worry about his background.   
Bishop: And I had invited him to speak!  How could he use that to stir up such trouble?
Peter: He accused me – Simon, named Peter by Jesus - of hypocrisy!
Bishop:  He accused our Mission Society – set up to promote the gospel of Christ – and me, a bishop, of hypocrisy!

Continues ...

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