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Dramatisation of Acts 3:1-10 - Peter and John heal the lame man - to the consternation of a priest who is telling a tour party about the heritage of the temple.

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Tour Guide (M or F)
Tourist (M or F)
Nathan (the lame man)
Joe (friend of Nathan)
John  (non-speaking role)
At the Beautiful Gate of the Temple in Jerusalem. Stage directions assume a typical
church setting, with the main entrance behind the congregation, performance space in
front, and an aisle allowing movement between them. At start, Nathan is sitting on the
floor or leading against a wall just inside the entrance. Guide is at the front, and in
talking, speaks to the congregation as if they are a tour party.
Nathan   [To Tourist as s/he enters] Spare a shekel. Thankyou kindly. Enjoy your visit.
Tourist tries to be unobtrusive in taking a seat at the front.
Guide Are you the last?  Right, then I will begin.  Welcome to Temple Tours.  We are a
large party today, so I will have to ask you to stay in your seats as I show you
some of the features of this historic building.  I will also introduce you to some
of the characters who can be found here.
 You will have an opportunity to ask questions, but please respect the local
culture.  While at first glance this may seem a run down monument on the edge
of our empire, to the people of this town – or city, as they like to call it – it
represents the presence of their god.        
Tourist  Well in that case they might tidy it up a bit.  I nearly fell over a beggar as I came
through the gate.   
Guide The gate is known as the Beautiful Gate, and I am afraid it is a popular pitch for
with beggars.  You probably met Nathan – he’s been there since I started these
tours ten years ago.   In fact, this man just coming in is one of the neighbours
who carries him up in the mornings.    
Nathan Afternoon Joe – say one for me when you’re in there.
 Joe enters
Tourist Ask him why he can’t stand on his own feet.  
Guide (to Joe) Excuse me.  For the benefit of our overseas guests, could you tell us
what is wrong with Nathan?

Continues ...

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