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Modern setting of the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector (Luike 18v9-14). Nervous Rita, about confess to fraud, and thrusting executive Hugh, full of his new plans, take advantage of the boss's open door policy.

Cast 2F, 2M - could vary with minor amendments.

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Boss is seated at table reading a journal or using a computer.. An empty chair is at the other side of the table.
There is a small table and a chair for the secretary between the entrance and the empty chair.  At start, Angela is off
stage, then enters with an elegant coffee mug, which she takes to Boss, who takes it with a smile.
Angela Anything else you need just now?
Boss No, thankyou Angela.  
Angela Shall I leave the door open? No-oneʼs booked to call.
Boss Of course – the door is always open.
 Angela sits at her table.  Rita enters, hesitantly.
Angela Good morning. Can I help you?
Rita I wondered – I mean, I know I havenʼt made an appointment, but is there a chance….
Angela A chance to?
Rita To talk to him. Thereʼs something I need to explain.  I know Iʼve never been up here before, but I donʼt want him to hear this from anyone else. 

Angela His door is always open.
Rita You mean I can see him straight away? Oh dear, I wasnʼt expecting that.  Let me just straighten myself up.  Iʼm all of a tizzy. I mean, itʼs easy for you, seeing him every day, Miss…
Angela You can call me Angela. And youʼre Rita, I think. From accounts?
Rita Yes, thatʼs right. My, I didnʼt think anyone up on this floor knew our names. Now, I think…
 Hugh enters and sweeps past, carrying chart.
Hugh Angela my darling, youʼre looking wonderful.  Donʼt tell me youʼve had another face lift.
Angela But I hadnʼt. Hugh, youʼre winding me up again – honestly!
Hugh Sorry I canʼt stay here flirting. Must update the boss on my latest schemes.  Heʼs available I assume.
Angela Let me just check.
Hugh No bother (strides across, and sits back in the empty chair). Morning boss, thought youʼd like the latest.
Boss Glad you could spare the time Hugh. Iʼd been hoping to talk to you about the people and change project.

Hugh (spreads out chart on table) Here you are – much improved on the original design, I think youʼll agree.
(Boss looks at chart with interest, turning to concern)
Rita Iʼll go down again and come back later.
Angela No, go on in.  He can talk to two people at once – rather enjoys it.

Continues ...

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