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A two episode sketch about temptation, featuring a student demon on work experience.

Episode one (which could stand alone) is about the steps to temptation, illustrated through overspending.

Episode two focuses on resisting temptation, illustated through careless driving.

Requires 2 characters (M or F) are in both episodes, with 2 more M, 1 F or M for episode 2 only. Episode two needs one M actor able to mime well.

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Tempter (written as male but could change)
Student  (either gender)
Plus Episode 2 only:  
Angel (written as female but could change)
Jim (candidate for temptation, working age)
Derek (friend)
Episode 1: a morning service with several teenage girls present.
Tempter is standing, looking at watch, impatiently. Student enters hurriedly.
Student So sorry I am late, sir.  Forgot my notes.  
Tempter I hope you are more use than the last work experience placement they sent me from the Screwtape Academy.
Student Iʼm very keen to learn sir.  Iʼve heard a lot about how good you are as a tempter.
Tempter Hurry along now.  The service is about to start.
Student Service? Weʼre working in a church?
Tempter What better experience could you ask for.  Here we have a couple of hundred Christians of all ages available for you to practice temptation.
Student But in church?  Arenʼt they – protected –here?
Tempter (Laughs) Havenʼt you studied Christian history?   
Student No – they dropped that – we do film studies now.
Tempter Idiots –the really classic successful temptations have been in a church setting – jealousy, pride, anger  – there was Cardinal… and the Methodist Conference of… - ah well, no time now.  
Student Ooh look, this church has some young people.  Can we do sex, drugs and rock music?
Tempter You donʼt need young people for that – surely they gave you a case study of gin, nostalgia and hopeless love in the middle aged?    

Continues ...

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