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A short drama based on Acts 19: 23-41 - Paul at Ephesus. Set in a meeting of the City Council to decide how to respond to the rapid growth of the Way - a faith spread by foreigners with a disturbing effect on society. Ends with the Priestess of Artemis challenging Paul as to how tolerant Christians will be when in the majority.

Characters 3M, 2F. Also some audience participation. Suitable for use in a service or as a discussion starter about relationships with other faiths.

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Based on Acts 19v23-41
Titus sits behind table centre stage, chairing a meeting which includes the whole audience.   
Joanna sits on his right, sideways to audience, taking notes.
See script for others’ starting positions.
Props: gavel (wooden hammer) or similar
Titus  (bangs gavel) The meeting of the Community Relations Committee will now
resume.  Tempers became heated this morning.  I trust we can now discuss
the issue before us in a civilised manner, as befits our great city.  Our secretary will recap for us.
Joanna  (reading) The meeting was called to assess the risk posed by the rapid growth
of the religious movement known as The Way.  We heard from the police that:

o - The Way is foreign in origin, first known a generation ago in Judea.
o - The founder was executed for insurgency, although so far as is known he was not himself involved in violence.  
o - The movement in Ephesus is led by a Jew called Paul.  He has a criminal record in several countries, but has not broken any laws since arriving from Macedonia two years ago.
o - When the local Jewish community disowned him, he set up base in a hall.  His teaching is spreading among poorer sections of society, including women, slaves and migrants.
Demetrius (from back or if available, balcony) He’s a Greek spy.
Titus   Silence! Thankyou, Joanna. Paul will present himself to this meeting shortly.
Priestess  (stands from seat close to front) Chairman, may I give the perspective of our Temple? (cheers from balcony)

Continues ....

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