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A short drama exploring the meaning of "joy". Schoolgirl Joy is trying to write an essay about her name, and finds her mother and aunts all have very different views of what it means. Cast 1 girl, 4 women.

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Joy – age 8 - 12
Aunty Anne  
Aunty Sue  
Aunty Lynn  
School exercise book or folder (can contain Joy’s script)
Pen and paper for Mum
Coat for Joy
Nail varnish, sherry bottle & glass for Anne
Laptop and snack for Sue
JOY Mum, I need your help with this homework.
MUM In a minute.  I've got to finish this note to the school about your
lost trainers. And hang your coat up - how many times must I tell you?
JOY (slowly moving coat).  I don't like this coat.  Sarah's got a new one.  
MUM  You should be thankful for what you've got, young lady.  I had
to wear my sisters' hand downs.
JOY  You've told me that before - Aunty Anne passing on glittery stuff
that didn't fit you, and Aunty Sue expecting you to be grateful for a three year old must-have.
MUM  At least Aunty Lynn wore hers till they fell apart.
JOY    What I need to know is..
MUM  Hang on. Where did Joe put the tickets for the school play?
JOY  How should I know?
MUM  Don't you talk to each other on the way back from school?
JOY – No way.

Continues ...

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