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Class DM101, by Kit Walkham

Explores John Wesley’s teaching on money, “Gain all you can, save all you can and give all you can”, with a nod to the Screwtape Letters.
Four characters Male or Female.

Dr Despair Demon tutor
Slubbert Lazy student demon
Bragalot Clever student demon
Dumbore Keen but dim student demon

At start the 3 students are lounging around in attitudes relevant to character.
They straighten up as Dr Despair strides in.

Dr D Good morning class. I hope you have prepared well for this seminar. I need hardly remind you of the consequences of failure
on this module – DM101 - of the Demonic Skills degree.

Bragalot A 10 year relegation to the “Temptation through TV shopping” squad. Even Slubbert’s made an effort to avoid that.

Slubbert Corrupting humans with money? – there’s nothing to it.

Dr D I hope you also addressed the second part of the question: What is the Enemy’s counter strategy and how can you undermine it?

Dumbore About that, Dr Despair. I got a bit confused, because the title you gave us was from one of His side, wasn’t it?

Bragalot “Gain all you can, save all you can and give all you can.” John Wesley, 18th century. He wrote a whole sermon on it.

Slubbert Show off!

Dr D I do hope you did not risk reading the full text, Bragalot. It is kept in the secure area of the library for good reason. Now, let us hear
how you propose to twist this memorable phrase to our purposes.

Dumbore I split up the 3 words – is that OK?

Dr D For once, Dumbore, you have got it right first time. A key principle here – if you can’t eradicate words of wisdom entirely, split them
up and take them out of context.

Bragalot Like last term’s module on “Fundamentalism – how to make it work for us”? You take a verse of the Bible….

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