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A debate on "Is Christmas in Britain's Interests" led by a male presenter with the manner of a well known TV host.
Written with other 3 parts played by women, but could be adapted. Raises misconceptions of the nature of Christmas.

The Paxo Christmas Special, by Kit Walkham

This was written for a Christmas morning service, but would need only minor adaptation for use in Advent.
Setting as in TV debate – preferably seated round microphone.

Jerry Good morning, and welcome to our special debate. To update an old tradition, three wise women have travelled afar to bring
you their take on the question of the day. Is Christmas in Britain’s interests?
To unwrap the arguments we have Amanda Lucre, prize winning financial journalist.

Amanda Good morning.

Jerry Professor Sheila Soper, Director of the Family Life Research Centre and patron of charity KidznPets

Sheila Good morning

Jerry And Lady Hester Harper, founder of the campaign group Pure Britain.

Hester Good morning. And thank you, Jerry, for your courage in addressing a question that some viewers may find disturbing.

Jerry Well, they need something to stir them up while the turkey cooks. Talking of which, I have here a press release from the
poultry association saying turkey sales are 5% higher than predicted. With figures like that, surely there is no question that
Christmas is in Britain’s interests?

Hester On the contrary – that illustrates my concerns. The turkey is a North American bird. The celebration of Christmas in Britain
has become dominated by imported ideas. Christmas trees, Santa, mulled wine – all from continental Europe.

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