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Digital Shepherds LOL ROTFL!!!
Screen – Night time fields near Bethlehem  (Shepherds - Shep 1 & 2 on stage sitting round fire washing socks)

Shep 1: Pass some more soap powder will you please.

(Shep 2 passes soap box, shep 1 pours some into bowl and washes socks, rings them out and inspects them)

Shep 2: This is proper boring... I mean just sitting here night after night doing the chores.
Shep 1: Well they've got to be done brother.
Shep 2: Well yeah, but I mean it's not like it's anything to be remembered for is it  In years
people aren't going to say - 'hey what about those shepherds eh - washing their socks by night'.

(Message tone)

Shep 1: Hang about who's this texting
Shep 2: Well I dunno... having a look would probably be the best way to tell!
Shep 1: What's this about now?

(Shows phone to shep 2. words of text 'proclamation to the shepherds' appear on screen)

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