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Monologue: Mary writes home after the birth of Jesus.

Mary enters, and carefully sets out writing materials, then brings on a crib (preferably one that can be rocked, or a modern car seat contraption for a baby), complete with a swaddled baby.

As she writes her letter home, she keeps glancing at the baby, smiling at him, checking on him.
Mary writes, speaking aloud.
“Dear Mum,  no no I’ll put Grandma!
Well, you were right that travelling on the donkey would do the trick!  Jesus was born last night.  We’d only just arrived, and I felt the first pains.

The labour didn’t exactly go according to my birth-plan.  I really was hopeing to use the water-birth, but the midwives arrived quickly and made the stable feel quite homely.  (Oh yes, everything is so busy here, but Joseph’s cousin offered us the stable as a bit of free space with some privacy)

Continues ... 
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