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The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Nativity - Pantomime

The Donkey
Angel Gabriel - Who narrates the action too.
Innkeeper's wife - Could be a Dame if appropriate in your setting.
Doris - Herod's wife.
The Three Shepherds: Tom - A bit rough round the edges
Harry - Posh and stuck-up
Dick - Very silly
The Magi: Melchior - Calm sensible.
Casper: Loses his temper quickly
Balthazar: Very pessimistic.
Soldiers and Townspeople.

Scene 1 - In Nazareth
Hymn: Morning has Broken
(Townspeople sing and dance)

Soldier 1: Come on, come on, break it up, break it up.
Townsperson : What do you mean break it up. We're not fighting, we're dancing.
Soldier 1: So I see. I have performed a thorough risk assessment of this situation and the high number of people involved combined (pointing to the audience) with the high level of excitement provide the ideal environment for a riot. I find you in breach of the peace and order you to move away from the area.

Townsperson: (sarcastic) What are you saying, there's a law against dancing now?
Soldier 1: (clears his throat loudly, pulls a scroll out of his pocket): By the orders of King Herod no gathering of more than three peasants (pointing to audience) is permitted at any time. No parties can take place, no drinking, no singing, no protesting, no spitting, no loud music, no running, no jumping, no talking with your mouth full and no dancing.


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